So I have to apologize for being intentionally vague last week. We knew what eligibility requirement we didn’t meet, but weren’t ready to share yet which one. There were so many changes that affected a lot of families, and this one is not that different from any others, except that there’s some sweetness to cover the bitterness. A little rainbow after the storm, if you will.


We are expecting a baby boy in January.


12 weeks


A miracle baby, a sweet surprise, and the reason we can’t adopt from China for a few more years.


So proud of her new status!


A rainbow bio baby, that came after 3 failed domestic adoptions of 3 different little boys, and one miscarriage.


18 weeks



Can you understand how scattered our minds are? How many emotions we are feeling? How all over the place our hearts are lately? It’s surreal, but the joy, the sweetness, and the peace are slowly supplanting all of the negative emotions, day by day.


So, timeline. We found out in May. Told close family and friends in July after the risk of miscarriage decreased (well, we told Punkadoodle and she told everyone she saw– had to avoid a few places with her on purpose for that reason!). Got news of the China changes shortly thereafter. Waited to see if we would be “grandfathered in”. Were denied and told to wait until our youngest is 3 years old (new requirement). Had the anatomy scan last week. Found out the gender Sunday with a few friends and family around to share in our joy. And got the shock of my life that it was a BOY! Punkadoodle cried a little, she so wanted a baby sister, but she is warming up to the idea of a brother. Husbeast is over the moon. I am smiling like the Cheshire cat at our miracle rainbow baby boy.






Thank you for your prayers. I don’t know if any of you prayed for this outcome specifically, but God heard you and He heard us and here we are– waiting on China, starting the foster care home study, and getting ready to welcome a baby boy in just 20ish short weeks. We still have no idea what kind of path we are on or where it will lead, but it’s been a cuss of a journey, and without all the bitterness we may not have truly been able to appreciate the sweetness. Thank you for being with us and for us. And special thanks to our friends who took pictures for us!




I’ve found a rainbow, rainbow, baby/ Trust me, I know, life is scary/ But just put those colors on, girl/ Come and play along with me tonight -Kesha


Grace and Peace,


5 thoughts on “Rainbow

  1. So very happy that you have a rainbow in this storm of life. I taught in Monticello years ago and know your husband as well as all of the family. So happy for you!

  2. Congratulations!! May God continue to bless your family with love, health and joy!! Thank you for letting us join your journey. Blessings!!

  3. Stevie , I’m so excited for you , Matt & that wild haired girl DeMaris. What a blessing in disguise. And to think he will have his 1st cousin so close in age is even more special. Siblings & 1st cousins are
    Your 1st friends. Thanking God for the answer to prayers. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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