Only the Ocean

Before I talk about how amazing our beach week was, I wanted to first share a quote that stopped me in my tracks yesterday.


I was listening to Jen Hatmaker’s new Podcast series, For the Love of Girlfriends with guest Shauna Niequist. I adore both of these women, and wanted to hear their rapport as they talked about the importance and life-giving properties of deep girlfriend relationships. Shauna was talking about how good friendships are like a shelter, in that they protect and cover and surround when times are tough. She was talking specifically about losing babies to miscarriages, and how her friends surrounded her in so many ways, but the one way she needed the most was prayers.


“…there was a season where quite honestly, I had to ask people to pray for me; to pray the prayers I wanted to pray, because I couldn’t right then. And I kind of had to say, “I’m silent in my spirit and in my heart. But if you could pray to a good God for a new life on my behalf. If you could pray for my broken heart.” To have people literally sitting next to me holding my hand, praying out loud the words that I was too empty and silent to pray.”


This is exactly how I have felt the last few months. Empty in my soul and spirit, needing people to not only pray for me in their prayers, but to pray FOR me because I just can’t or don’t know how. And people have. Friends have swooped in and sheltered me in this way and so many other ways, and for that I am forever grateful. I know this season of loss will not affect me forever. I know I will have spring again. I know there will be another baby or child in our home one day. But to also know it’s ok to feel the loss and feel the sadness and know dear sweet friends are standing in the valley with me, holding me up and sending up prayers on my behalf, means the absolute world to me.


So, thank you if that’s you, and if you are reading this and know someone in a season of hardship or loss or sadness, reach out and shelter them with your love and friendship.



Now, on to happier topics… haha. We went to the beach for almost a week with two other families last week, and had an absolute blast. There was a fiasco with the rental at the beginning of the trip that resulted in an emergency hotel room reservation almost 45 minutes away and 9 people in one hotel room, but even that turned around the next day when we got to spend the morning in a 4 star resort pool and splash pad with the kiddos. The weather was gorgeous, all 7 kids played well together, meltdowns were few and far between, and we got some sweet friend time on the beach and in the rental house. Can’t wait till the next one!


Ocean rainbow, you are perfection.


Beach Yoga was a big hit 🙂


Taking a group picture (even of just the kiddos) clearly never happened, but I’m so glad we have these few precious mementos of a great week!


When this work is done and this coat is dry/ When this world is too much, it will be/ Only the ocean and me/ When these sails go up, mountains fade away/ Stars come out, I’m finally free/ It’s only the ocean and me – Jack Johnson


Grace and Peace,


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