We celebrated Easter, Tonks had puppies (woot woot!), and I’ve been adding pieces to The Barefoot Evergreen Collective. Here’s our life lately, in photos!



We dyed eggs with turmeric and blackberries this year, and Punkadoodle got the sweetest book about a unicorn who believes in little girls and mouse ear clips!


Tonks had 3 puppies- 2 red merle males and a female red tri. These are toy Australian Shepherds, so they will be about 18-25 lbs and be 12-18 inches tall. And they are adorable. Here’s their first two weeks of life!









Puppies are the best medicine! Two have been sold and one is going to stay with the breeder, but hopefully we’ll get another litter next year if you want a Tonks baby!

New art in the shop for sale! Check it out here and support our adoption!

Speaking of, for those of you wondering we are still moving forward with the adoption. Unfortunately, this is a slow season for most adoption agencies, ours included, because tax season usually helps pregnant mamas feel a little more secure about the future. We are praying and seeking God’s will, to see if we should change directions or stay the current course. Will you pray with us?

Lately, I have had the strangest feeling… -Stevie Wonder

Grace and Peace,


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