Guide Dog Foundation, For the Blind Inc.

The Guide Dog Foundation is based out of Long Island in New York. It’s a school where dogs learn how to guide and serve those that are visually impaired. They have a sister organization called Vet Dogs, which is where dogs learn how to perform specific tasks or therapies to assist disabled veterans. Both programs are phenomenal, and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be involved with them on many different levels. My favorite and most memorable involvement was raising puppies to be future assistance dogs. I have raised 2 dogs and co-raised 2 dogs, and all 4 have a special place in my heart! Additionally, I was a group leader for a season and oversaw 6-12 dogs that were being raised by volunteers. I’ve visited the GDF campus several times and I’m always blown away by how much goes into raising and training a dog to serve another person. It’s a truly wonderful group and I can’t wait to blog more about them in the future! For now, visit their website to learn more!

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