Gratitude is an Attitude

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irma hit our area on Monday afternoon, and thankfully, we have no damage and never lost power. I know so many who were less fortunate, and my heart and prayers go out to them. I thought I would extend my spirit of gratitude into a blog post, and just write a short list of what I am grateful for right in this moment.


  • No structural or physical damage to our home or property, our pets or persons. Our family members are all safe and accounted for, and the worst any of them have suffered is a loss of power.
  • Husbeast has a cold, but so far Punkadoodle and I have not caught it and I am grateful for modern medicine and homeopathic treatments to lessen sickness symptoms and duration.
  • Daniel Tiger. Bless that emotional-and-social-intelligence-touting tiger and his family.
  • Even if the cooler weather is due to a hurricane, I am loving the taste of fall in the air. Windows open, cozy blanket on my lap, warm tea, fall scents in my diffuser, and a snuggly sweatshirt are some of the little hygge moments I live for in fall.
  • Kesha’s new album, and the live-your-best-life-because-you-are-awesome-and-deserve-the-best message she has in every song.
  • The Overdrive app to listen to audiobooks from the public library.
  • Our family and how well they love us- from hand made tables and gender reveal parties to coordinating visits up north to family game nights and family dinners.
  • Clients and drug reps who bring us food gifts.
  • Mancub is starting to kick more and more, and feeling this sweet little rainbow life grow inside of me is nothing short of a miracle.
  • Punkadoodle snuggled up next to me while I type, reading a book and wearing a ballerina costume. She is far and away her own person, and I am smitten with her little big personality!
  • Stretch jeans and loose shirts that make up my normal wardrobe, transitioning me into the second trimester with no problem. I haven’t resorted to leggings… yet…
  • Jobs, cars, a home, food in the pantry, clothes in our closets, shoes on our feet, and all of the other things that get taken for granted but mean we are above and away some of the wealthiest people in the world.
  • My friends– soul sista, my bandana girls, and HRFs especially.
  • Pimento cheese, olives, pickled okra, and allll the fresh fruit.
  • Husbeast and his selfless love, provision, humor, grace, and generosity. He is truly my better half.


What are you grateful for today?


Gratitude is an attitude/ it’s as contagious as can be/ so don’t hesitate to appreciate/ because gratitude looks good on you me. -Upstreet Children’s Choir


Grace and Peace,


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