Dog Days Are Over

When the humans add a naked puppy to the family, what happens to the beloved furbaby? Does Fido have to move outside? Find new digs? Be relegated to that one room in the house that kind of smells anyway? NO! Your naked puppy (that’s a baby, for anyone who isn’t a dog mom…) and your furbaby can live together in complete harmony! You just have to help them figure it out.


Check out one of my fave redhead blogger’s page for the post I wrote about how to introduce your pets to your new baby. Emily is a fantastic friend and gets lots of photo credit around this blog, as well as helps me figure out the best way to plan, pack for, and enjoy more adventures!



All photos by Emily Truax of Hello Redhead and Emily Truax Photography



Check out her blog, Hello Redhead for my guest post, and more awesome adventuring, minimalism, and healthy lifestyle reading!

The dog days are over/ The dog days are done/ Can’t you hear the horses/ ‘Cause here they come -Florence + the Machine


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