Chasing Waterfalls

This is kind of a “weekend wrap-up”, I suppose. One day, when I have time to post more than once/week, I may start doing these more regularly. One day.


Over the long weekend we went up the North Georgia mountains with another family to chase some waterfalls with easy hikes for toddlers. These are friends that we’ve known for over a decade: Husbeast and Buff went to high school together and she and I hit it off when he and I were dating. Since then we’ve been to each others’ weddings, gone to each others’ family gatherings and parties over the years, and now that we have kids its just so sweet to enjoy this next stage of life together! It was so much fun- our Punkadoodle and their two boys played so well together all weekend, and they hiked a lot more than any of us expected! We went to Angel Falls the first day and Minehaha Falls on day two, both super easy hikes with picturesque views and cooooooold water to play in! On the second night we made a mini hot tub in the jet tub for the littles, and let me tell you, two travel shampoo bottles makes a TON of bubbles! Sweet sweet memories to treasure, and adventures to repeat/expand on in the future!


This is what true momming looks like. Hiking with toddler character backpacks because you forgot your own….

I never said they hiked the entire time… 😉



On Monday we had free tickets to the Renaissance Festival, and took Punkadoodle for her first time. She’s no stranger to cosplay since she’s attended Dragon*Con twice, but this was her first time dressing up! Her babysitter let us borrow a fairy costume, and we both wore floral crowns. My 5 ft gossamer fairy wings almost came out, but I was worried if it rained that they would be ruined. We saw a joust, pet a unicorn, talked to some fairies, rode medieval rides, and had a great time. Husbeast surprised me by taking me to pick out some fairy ears, something I’ve wanted to get for years to complete my fairy costume. Best anniversary gift ever. 😉


Her favorite attraction may or may not have been the playground… typical toddler… but she rocked that climbing wall and rope ladder! No assists!

One of the fairies gave Punkadoodle a “crystalized dewdrop” for bravery, which is what she’s showing off in the last picture. She has carried it around like a treasure since!


After the RenFest we had family and friends over to open the pool up for the year with a cookout. It was a fantastic weekend, and officially marked the beginning of summer and 8 years of marriage for me and Husbeast. I love him more today than I did at the altar all those years ago, and all of our adventuring, cosplaying, pool shenanigan-having, crazy beautiful life. ♥


Don’t go chasing waterfalls/please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to/ I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothin’ at all/ but I think you’re moving too fast. -TLC


Grace and Peace,



PS stay tuned next week for a big adoption update!

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