I ran into an old friend today, and it was so wonderful to see him, even if it meant I was at his physical therapy clinic for the severe sacroiliac pain that Mancub has bestowed upon me… But I digress. He mentioned to another PT that I was a blogger, and he was bragging on how I would one day quit my day job and write a book. While that is NOT my plan, it meant so much to hear that a) he reads my blog and b) he thinks highly enough of it to tell others about it and thinks it will turn into a writing career. So to him and his wife, thank you for your support!!


It got me thinking, though, about what I want the goals of this blog to be. Truthfully I just wanted a creative outlet to get some words out my head and onto a “page” at first, and then it became an adoption journey map, and then it morphed into me word vomiting and publicly processing my grief and depression after multiple hard losses. Now what will it become? I’m no VetGirl or Dr. Ruark (famous vet bloggers and online personalities), so I don’t think I have enough material or wit to blog only about veterinary medicine, but that should still stay in the repertoire, for sure. We still plan to adopt from China when we are eligible to do so again, so one day we’ll definitely pick back up on the “doing for one” theme. But what else is there? I’m not a brilliant cook or savvy interior designer, and DIY crafting is not my forte. I don’t have a unique parenting philosophy or super trendy fashion sense or a lot of stamps in my passport or hot money-making tips. So that kind of leaves the generic, bland, and all-encompassing “lifestyle” blogger. Which doesn’t really set my soul on fire, but it’s better than nothing…


All that to say, I am thankful for each of my readers, especially the ones who came along for the adoption journey and supported us through that whole roller coaster. I don’t know what the next few months or years of blogging look like for me, but I am fairly certain I will still crave this unique space to put my ideas and musings in ink and give them some space to breathe and flourish and live outside of my head. If you are still reading and want to hear my thoughts about something, feel free to ask! I love writing about things that can help other people, whether it’s encouraging therapy, talking about pets and babies, or recommending books to read! I also love writing in general, and who knows, maybe one day this will lead to something more than I ever dreamed?


View from my writing space tonight– you can’t hear the crickets and geese, but I can. <3


That’s just the way it is/ Things will never be the same/ That’s just the way it is -2Pac


Grace and Peace,



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