I suffer from the terrible affliction that is hanger. I am constantly trying to prevent it, because when I’m hungry, I have exactly 30 seconds from that first stomach rumble to satiate my empty stomach before someone’s head gets bitten off. I don’t mean to be this way, but there is something hardwired in my


I ran into an old friend today, and it was so wonderful to see him, even if it meant I was at his physical therapy clinic for the severe sacroiliac pain that Mancub has bestowed upon me… But I digress. He mentioned to another PT that I was a blogger, and he was bragging on

Catch all the Fish

Today would have been his 53rd birthday, and we can’t help but think it’s probably his best one yet- all healed and happy and whole in eternity. I wonder if there are birthday parties in heaven? Or is it all just one big party every day and birthdays don’t really matter any more? Well, I

Change Clothes

I have some trifling grievances to air with the clothing industry. Not even a tiny bit sorry about this level of petty. Cheap women’s clothing: I have recently found this highly scientific article that explains why my clothes fall apart to tiny shreds and moth-eaten pieces long before Husbeast’s clothes get the slightest signs of wear.