Melancholy Me

This week alone, a friend I met through social media adopted their 4th foster child into their family forever, a dear couple we know is in China with their children finalizing their second adoption of a Chinese toddler with the Chinese government, a couple we love in Austin finalized their domestic adoption today, and another


So I have to apologize for being intentionally vague last week. We knew what eligibility requirement we didn’t meet, but weren’t ready to share yet which one. There were so many changes that affected a lot of families, and this one is not that different from any others, except that there’s some sweetness to cover

Check Yes or No

I hope y’all had a wonderful day celebrating America’s independence and freedom, where we are free because of the brave. We had sweet time with family chilling in the pool, grilling out, and then went to our local fireworks show with some friends. Always fun to celebrate with the ones you love!   We thought