Catch all the Fish

Today would have been his 53rd birthday, and we can’t help but think it’s probably his best one yet- all healed and happy and whole in eternity. I wonder if there are birthday parties in heaven? Or is it all just one big party every day and birthdays don’t really matter any more? Well, I bet either way he’s fishing or barefootin’ or driving the boat.





We miss you, so very much, Papa Joe. This year of “firsts” without you is unbelievably hard, and also makes us unquestioningly grateful for the time we had with you. Your absence is felt, but so is your presence. So much of your love and generosity and talent and wisdom is in our hearts and home, that we think of you daily. Punkadoodle misses you something fierce, and still prays for you every night and says that she loves you “even if you are in heaven”. She loves wearing her “tomas” shoes you gave her (Toms), and the new fluffy rug in her room is “Papa Joe’s nap rug”. She is still your littlest biggest fan.








Happy Birthday, Papa Joe. Catch all the fish.



Just as long as there’s a can [of Diet Mountain Dew Code Red] left in that cooler/ Just as long as there’s a bass [or redfish] left in that lake [well, the Gulf]/ That just means we still got some work to do here/ Just as long as there’s still gas left in that tank. -Brad Paisley


Grace and Peace,


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