Nice to Meet You!

When I was in pre-school we read “101 Dalmations” and the teacher arranged to have 3 Dalmation puppies come in for us to play with and cuddle. Coincidentally, that was also the day Daddy forgot to pick me up from school, and so I was left alone with 3 puppies and my poor teacher for almost 2 hours after school finished. I pumped my teacher for as much information as possible for career options that include puppy cuddling as a major part of the job description. She told me about many options, but “animal doctor” stood out the most. When Daddy came to get me, all 3 pups were asleep on my lap and my 5 year-old self was resolute on becoming a veterinarian. And I never changed my mind.Family For 1 Year

Now I’m a vet in a small town in the South with a family of my own. I married my college sweetheart, who is about as traditional and handsome as they come. He is the perfect compliment to my hippie heart, and keeps me grounded and on track. We have a sweet little girl, who makes us happier than we ever thought possible. And of course we have some critters- 3 dogs and 1 cat in the house, and a small hobby farm full of livestock. We love the idea of homesteading and living off the land, but also are realistic about our priorities and spend our time pursuing our faith first, our family second, and our farm third.

Mom Fail-- trying to take a happy family photo at the flamingos at the END of the zoo trip. This is the closest we got to a smile out of Punkadoodle. I promise we had a great day!

I don’t have (hardly any of) my life together, but I know what I love and I know what makes me smile, and I’ll share some of that here. Thanks for stopping by!