In addition to Tuesday being my heart hound’s 7th birthday (Happy Birthday, sweet Jager!!!), it’s also my work anniversary at my clinic! I’ve officially been working in a small town companion animal general practice for 4 years, and figured I would share the pearls I’ve learned so far in my time here. While there are

3 Legs

I never do case studies because I don’t want to violate client-patient-doctor relationship confidentiality, but this is now my own pet so I can tell y’all allllll about it.   Meet Beren.   Beren came to my clinic right after a dangerous tango with a (new) lawnmower blade. He was alive and slightly shocky, and


So I have to apologize for being intentionally vague last week. We knew what eligibility requirement we didn’t meet, but weren’t ready to share yet which one. There were so many changes that affected a lot of families, and this one is not that different from any others, except that there’s some sweetness to cover